Your Guide to Selling

Follow the steps below to set up your account and help ensure your vending experience is successful!

Register as a Vendor

While completing the site registration, please ensure you select “I want to be a vendor” and fill out the additional required fields.

Vendor Registration Prompt

Set up Payment Settings

From your Dashboard ❐, Click Go to Vendor Dashboard > Settings > Payment.

Fill in your preferred PayPal email that you would like to receive payments at.

All sales are subject to a standard commission fee of 5% + PayPal fee (Sales within the US: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction / International: 4.4% transaction fee plus a fixed fee based on currency received)

Set up Shipping Settings

Shipping information MUST be entered or it will negate your auction sale, please follow the steps below.

From your Dashboard ❐, Click Go to Vendor Dashboard > Settings > Shipping.

Begin by clicking the link within the message for: “SET UP YOUR OWN SHIPPING INFORMATION CLICK HERE ❐

  1. From the settings ❐ page, make sure “Enable Shipping” is checked. Leave the “Default shipping” price set to $0.
  2. Fill out your shipping info within “Shipping Policy” (For our example: US – $8, Canada $15, International $25). You can also list any terms for shipping that you have. This will populate the shipping information tab within your item auction page and is extremely helpful for buyers to know where you do and do not ship to.
  3. Fill in your refund policy and any other relevant terms if applicable.
  4. Specify where you are shipping from.
  5. Click “Add Location” to create a new shipping zone. You can also get more granular if you need to charge more for different states but the default will cover an entire area (For our example: All of US, Canada and Everywhere Else). The option for “Everywhere Else” will take into account the buyers shipping address if they are outside your specified zones. This is handy for International shoppers!
  6. Click “Save Settings” to finish up.

View the video below for a walkthrough of the provided steps:

Create your listing

From your Dashboard ❐, Click Go to Vendor Dashboard > Auction > Add New Auction Product.

  1. Start by adding your product photos. You can select a main image as well as other images that you’d like using the file uploader.
  2. Next, fill in the product title, description (Size, Measurements, Flaws, etc.) and then select “Auction” as the category.
  3. Select the condition of your item, whether it’s new or used and leave the auction type as “Normal“.
  4. From here, you can fill in your start price, bid increments, reserve price and buy it now price. Some of these are optional and are not mandatory to complete your listing.
  5. Use the date picker to select your auction start and end times. Please note, by system default, all listing start and end times are set to America/Los Angeles (UTC-7 hours). To convert to your local time, please click here ❐
  6. Finally, click “Add Auction Product” to complete your listing.

Once your item has been added, you’ll see it in your Product area and can further edit if needed.

Please note: You cannot change the starting bid price after a bid is entered. If you made a mistake you’ll need to delete your listing and re-list.

View the video below for a walkthrough of the provided steps:

View Orders & Reports

To view orders:

From your Dashboard ❐, Click Go to Vendor Dashboard > Orders

Here you will find all orders that you have sold as well as relevant information for each order.

To view reports:

From your Dashboard ❐, Click Go to Vendor Dashboard > Reports

This page shows a comprehensive report of your sales and activity.

Add Tracking Information

Please update tracking within the order page as soon as possible. Once your item is delivered, funds are released.

To view orders:

From your Dashboard ❐, Click Go to Vendor Dashboard > Orders

  • From your orders screen, under the Action column, click the eyeball icon to view the order details
  • Once you’re inside the order details, scroll down to the bottom and click “Tracking Number
  • Finally, enter the tracking information and click “Add Tracking Details

Withdraw Funds

From your Dashboard ❐, Click Go to Vendor Dashboard > Withdraw

Withdrawal requests are allowed 3 days after the transaction has been confirmed. Fill in the desired amount of funds that you wish to withdraw and press “Submit Request”. All withdrawal requests are set to pending until approved, you can check the status for updates at any time. We process requests Monday – Friday.

*Please note: All withdrawal requests are subject to PayPal’s hold policy for now. Please update your orders with tracking info ASAP to expedite the withdrawal process. PayPal will track the item and typically release the hold 1 day after delivery.

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