By placing a winning bid, you agree to pay the seller for the item within 24 hours or your account will be banned.

Please ensure your shipping and billing information ❐ is current as this is used to determine shipping for your item.

All items that you add to your watchlist are available by scrolling down towards the bottom of your account page ❐.

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You’ll be notified via email when you place a bid and also if you are outbid. Due to server latency/location, you may need to refresh the item you’re bidding on as it comes to an end to ensure your bid wins. You can also see all of the auctions you’ve won from your account page ❐ and scrolling to the bottom under “Won Auctions”.

Upon winning an auction, you can pay via credit card or PayPay balance through the PayPal Gateway.

Disclaimer: Please be aware all products are not authenticated, bids should be placed at your own risk, for more information please contact the seller directly.

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